Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shemale of Parliament

Salute to the man who spent his valueble time to create tis photo with sexy outfit.

The most qualified MP to get a partime job in Chow Kit Street.

Let the street people judge his performance.

He is wasting other MP's precious time talking good for nothing matters in Parliament.

Come on Taj !!!!! start 2day man !!!!! dont waste ur good chance !!!!! ur sexy shape only can be with u for nx 1 year ....thereafter.....even donkey will chase u out man.

I copy tis pic from zorro's blog.

Can Zaid Perform in PR ?

2000, he joined UMNO, becoming Kota Bharu UMNO division chief a year later. He was later suspended but became Kelantan Umno deputy liaison chief two years later.
2004 Zaid contested and won the Parliamentary seat of Kota Bharu in the 12th general election.

2008- UMNO dropped his name from candidates list for 13th General Election.

2008 – Abdullah Ahmad Badawi appointed him as a Minister in PM Department to oversee legal affairs.

2008 – On March 18 he was appointed as a Senator, so that he can hold the Cabinet post

2008 – 15th September, he resigned his Cabinet post after criticizing the arrest of Teresa Kok, RPK, Tan Hoong Cheng under the ISA act.

2008 – 31st October, resigned Senator post and wanted to concentrate on his new Foundation for better race relations.

2008 – 2nd December, sacked from UMNO for acting against UMNO’s principles.

2008 – 3rd December, openly invited by PR component parties.