Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Instigated statement by editor.

Statement by: Sugumaran Periasamy, Political Secretary to Ipoh Barat Member of Parliament on instigated statement by editor.

“Once again, UMNO having a critical moral test of whether it will do the right thing or ignore the concerns of Malaysian Indians.”
For (Kelab Menyokong UMNO) website to articulate statement about Speaker V.Sivakumar is offensive and very sensitive issue and yet the police have not taken any action on the website and the article still exist on the website.

The editor of the article owes all of Perakians especially to the family of V.Sivakumar, not only an apology, but a detailed explanation of how and why he wrote such article which would ever make such racist recommendations on his statement.

Was the UMNO cronies requested to do this?

We call on the CPO of Perak and the Malaysian Multimedia Communication Commission to launch an immediate and independent investigation to find out how this racist and sensitive incident could happen at UMNO supporters blog? The Perakians deserve a real explanation as to how this terrible incident transpired and what steps Police has taken to prevent future problems.
It is sick display of hatred and racism, inciting, violence and the authorities must shut down the website and if possible, take legal action against the owner and editor as well.

In the future, MCMC must immediately shut down any website for reasons inciting violence and riot. This is also form terrorism, because these website infiltrate and spread ignorance, fears and hatred amongst the Malaysians at the large scale.

To my knowledge many people have made police report several part of the country and I urge the police to take action as fast as they can.

We can only hope that Police and MCMC will step up and do what is right for the Malaysians and must take immediate action against this website.