Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No to ISA - Candle Vigil in Ipoh

The Internal security Act(ISA) is one of the worst draconian law ever enacted by the Malaysia Government. For the last over 40 years any person in Malaysia can be detained on the filmiest of grounds.The Malaysian government continues to use or threatens to use the ISA against people whom they accuse of being threats to national security, including government critics and those allegedly involved in "terrorist-linked" activities.It provides for detention without trial.

This act is outdated ,barbaric and is not in tandem with accepted democratic principles. The ISA is too wide in it scop and it can be used to muzzle anyone who acts, works or writes against the government of the day.Originally ISA was meant for the communist terrorists but now it is used against all kind of offenders including counterfeiters, gun runners, smugglers and gangsters.

# especially used frequently against dissident’s and political opponents and even a ordinary reporter

# It gives too much power to one minister to arrest without check and balance# .Minister can act under his sole discretion

# Courts have no say to overturned minister’s decision except in rare casesThe arrest of Raja Petra kamaruddin under ISA and his subsequent release from the ISA is a victory for the people. We must thank the Judge of the High Court who had the commitment and daringness to release Raja Petra and thus Raja Petra can now experience freedomThere are many who are still languishing under the draconian ISA, including members of HINDRAF.

# They all deserve the right of immediately judicial review, freedom from unjustified detention or they showed be charged in court immediately

# I demand for their immediate release of ALL ISA detainees…and stop the us use of the ISA and an immediate repeal of this barbaric law.We must end the BN from using this repressive measure to control critics and dissenters. I also demand the resignation of ‘Syed Hamid as Home minister for his careless use of the ISA and giving incredible unacceptable reasons for the detention.

# He should resign for ordering the illegal and wrongful detention of Raja Petra on flimsy excuses.

# The court decision to free Raja Petra proves that Syed Hamid had abused his ministerial power and misused ISA for political mileage.# Since he became the home minister, Syed Hamid has been guilty of making numerous serious ministerial blunders causing grievous pain and suffering to people like Raja Petra, Si Puteh MP Teresa Kok and the Sin Chew Daily reporter.

# He should own up to his failure and resign or be sacked by the Prime Minister.

We are happy the spirit of goodness have prevail during the Deepavali season. Deepavali is the success of goodness over evil when finally we have light over darkness. In the same manner we now have candle lights all over to day signifying the light over darkness.

Finally Raja Petra detention was a clear act of detaining a person for his free and proactive thoughts and writings. But they could not detain him too long as “the pen is mightier than the sword”

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