Friday, October 23, 2009

Blood Needed Urgently

Hi there,

Some of you may remember Peter Sinniah (mobile: 012-3767080), who took part in a few candle-light vigils in the past. He has to go for a heart bypass at SJMC on Tuesday, 27th Oct 09 and needs 8 donors to donate a pint of blood each.

Blood type: RH + Type O. The blood has to be freshly taken as it will be transferred to him directly after his operation, meaning that the blood will be taken on 27th itself.

Currently, he has found 4 donors and need 6 more (with 2 for standby). If any of our friends are kind enough to help, it will be very much appreciated. Donors can go to SJMC Blood Bank (new wing), quote Peter Sinniah's name and say that this operation is on 27th Oct 09.

Not suitable: More than 55 years of age, or high-blood pressure, or aneamic. So I can't donate. My son is donating. So's my daughter provided she pass the test. Currently, she doesn't meet the haemogoblin level so she has to take a test again.



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