Monday, November 16, 2009

Putera MIC Is Now Available In Unitar & Other Universities! Is Education Ministry Allows Politics In Local Campuses?

'It’s dangerous to be right, when the government is wrong! But still some of our local University students hope action from the government to 'kick out' politics from their University. The ugly truth revealed by a student from Unitar when his campus ‘polluted’ by MIC’s political programmes. Persatuan Mahasiswa India Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (PMIU) Pintar campus, Kelana Jaya honorable president Mr Shashi is influencing the other students to join MIC’s important political wing Putera MIC.

My sources show me that Unitar Indian students are being influenced by Putera MIC through their society leader Shashi, some of them being uncomfortable by the political motive and approach by the society head. By right, politics should not be inside the campus. According to my friends in other Universities, such incident also happening in their campuses in recent years, more after the massive defeat of MIC in the last general election. From what I get from a friend via mail, UPM, UM, UTM and few other teachers colleges are main target by the MIC to draw the support of the students for their political struggle.

A simple theory that we can’t understand from here is MIC is now so strained to recover the support from the Malaysian Indian society until there keen to influence Universities students and also other higher education institution students such as polytechnics, teachers training colleges, private colleges and so on to join their political movements. In several occasions, Putera MIC through the Indian/Tamil society leaders in the campuses giving pressure to those student that refuse to join in the MIC’s political wing.

Some of them even have made report in students department (HEP), but no action had been taken. Some source also shows me that the Putera MIC linked the website of University Tun Abdul Razak Indian undergraduates. The link shows that the registration form offered to the Unitar undergraduates by Putera MIC. I haven't see any UMNO politics in between Malay students and MCA politics in between Chinese students in local universities but why this MIC politics becoming worst among Indian students in local campuses???

I have a few questions here. Do our education ministry allow such political movements in Universities? If yes! It’s nothing wrong if Pakatan Rakyat also opens their wing in local Universities. In fact, politics is politics, it doesn’t matter come from ruling party or opposition. So if they allow politics, they must be fair to all by openly give students to exercise their political rights without fear or favour.
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