Saturday, August 22, 2009

An open letter to Prime Minister

YAB Dato’Seri Najib Bin Tun Razak
Prime Minister of Malaysia
Prime Minister's Office,
Main Block, Perdana Putra Building,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,
62502 Putrajaya, MALAYSIA

Dear Prime Minister,


This is the time of precious moment of Malaysians to provide contribution to BN political party, so here is my contribution: An empty envelope, to represent empty gift for you.

Yes, I know it isn’t easy being a man of power, but here’s the funny part of BN. The UMNO controlled BN government represent the values of majority of Malaysian’ and yet the component parties such as MIC, GERAKAN, MCA and others are not equally treated for their sincerity. At the worst of it UMNO led BN government always sidelined the minorities needs. Why that is happen?

Perhaps it’s because the UMNO led BN particularly have been unwillingly to provide those things to the real needy without looking at the skin colour. There is no courage, no vision, no integrity and no authenticity. Perhaps this is because UMNO/BN leadership doesn’t have real awareness and maturity thinking towards RAKYAT like other developing countries.

Is this the case, maybe getting enough of these type of letters from other Concern Malaysian’s will convince you otherwise. Perhaps it is because the leadership simply lacks the qualities and this is the best time for YAB to step aside and let the bolder ones from PAKATAN to take the administration of the country before it worsen the scenario.

The former thought that bolder one might have been you YAB, but the RAKYAT says he too not bolder enough and you been selected mistakenly.

I might be blunt YAB. In current and upcoming series of political drama, BN not only is having opposition externally but enemies within.

This is no mere abstraction or idle rhetoric. The gas and oil companies and other GLC’s, all have more to say about what your government does or doesn’t do than any of us. In the past, the UMNO/BN have been at the very least, a check on the unchecked power of capitalism and proxies. But now, those who get involved earlier, started to finger point each other to protect their position, seat and head. UMNO led BN government has failed to defend the Malaysian’s needs and your unwritten constitution law against Constitutional Rights of the RAKYAT which initiated the crisis.

A steadily growing group of PAKATAN have shown the courage to stand up to election fraud, an illegal power grab, and the frightening attempts on the part of your administration to create and democratic state as police state. I will continue to support the PAKATAN by making a contribution and I have urged everyone else I know to do the same.

YAB, you can ask me what I can gain by supporting PAKATAN? Good question anyway. Let me give u the answer on my personal opinion; PAKATAN will

1. Stand for illegal impeachment of UMNO/BN
2. Stand for true voters rights
3. Stand for new millennium growth plan for better Malaysia by being stand for COMPETENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY.
4. Stand for separation of power and lot more.

YAB, you must understand that, the Malaysian’s have now awakened to the nightmare that the precious INDEPENDENCE of our founding fathers is in grave danger. We have votes that don’t count. We have media suppressing truth and enabling lies. We have police that uses intimidation to make illegal actions lega and legal actions as illegal. We have political system run full of corruptions and UMNO/BN representatives can no longer represent the RAKYAT’s interest.

We are now facing the greatest crisis in our country has ever been faced with before. For your info YAB, in a very short spelled of time, you have successfully created many monsters with your fear and apathy to stand and support for the immoral principles by you which was slogan as “1 Malaysia”.

The time for muddling in Malaysian politic is over. I have faith that the PAKATAN and RAKYAT both will hear and speak on the truth on same level. If you’re still willing to offer yourself to lead the country, well get ready for the price from the RAKYAT.

With Respect,

Sugumaran Periasamy
(one of many Malaysian’s)

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jjstevie8 said...

yup... i agree with ur statement...
1 malaysia is just the statement to cheat d malaysian....
we get nothing from it...
N**** have another name call" MR. N.A.T.O"------ No Action Talk Only"""

now play politic again