Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Member of Parliament threatened by “GROUP OF ASTRAY SCHOOL MALAYS”

In parliament, he asked for an explanation on “Malay Supremacy” and not about “Malays Special Rights and Privileges” as mentioned in article 153 of Constitution of Malaysia, and now he often greeted as racist and screams of “ERADICATE CITIZENSHIP” been lauded by a group of astray school Malays in UMNO controlled medias.

“Ketuanan Melayu” matter was purely raised in Parliament house and not in any of the Public Forum organized by any Political party. What is big issue about it? The speaker has exclusive power to suspend or refer him to house committee for his remarks on “Ketuanan Melayu” on which it was not done because the house Speaker knows that Kulasegaran only asking for an explanation on the word which was not found or stated in the Constitution of Malaysia. In what manner it was classified as racial remarks? Is it sounds like challenging the Malay rights? In what way it create pains to Bumi’s?

Meaning to say, NON BUMI member of parliaments are wholly and exclusively barred from questioning about the “Ketuanan Melayu’s” new definition? Was it stated clearly in the constitution of Malaysia?

Action needs to be taken against those protestors who are trying to create an unusual smell in this country to break the unity of Malaysians. This group of racist soon will try to shower the other innocent Malays with their demands and Pakatan component Malays must start to wipe away the use of racial liquid from being continued by those irresponsible Malays.

More than 30 over police report was launched and wouldn’t be surprise for us if it reaches more than 150 because this astray school Malays are so free to create disharmony in this multiracial country.

At the worst, the NON BUMI Cabinet Ministers are just keeping their mouth shut and dare not to voice out against the protestors because worried of their title, position and chair. MIC, MCA and Gerakan are sign and symbol of shameless and powerless party in this country. They had been trained to be a slave for UMNO for the past, present and future.

“I would say, Pakatan should stand beside M.Kulasegaran to honor his dignity as a Member of Parliament, who was brave enough to question this matter for the benefit of every Malaysians.”

The officials of Malaysia are not taking any seriousness on this issue and furthermore not offering anything in the way of security assistance to protect Kulasegaran’s safety. If the same situation has been raised against the warlords, there will be an immediate action provided with special vehicles, special guards and a safe house by the government.

I also feel that, NON BUMI members of parliament especially from PAKATAN, getting vulnerable as the security worsens and growing number of hooligans’ becoming threats for the Pakatan MP’s.

Why Malaysian Police lingering around without any form of actions against the protestors? Are they been well protected by the top leaders? I urge Royal Malaysian Police to take immediate action to end such impunity and to bring perpetrators to justice as soon as possible and also urge the Home Affairs Minister to take appropriate action against the protestors for their utter rubbish demands.

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